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Reel Grip Fly is now available in TrueFly Supply Drops!

We all get it. There are umpteen different reasons why someone would need a reel grip. Sunscreen, Gink, Cheeto Dust… all of these are not something we want to be dealing with when fighting a fish of a lifetime on the end of our reel. When we saw what Angelo was doing over here at Reel Grip, we knew we wanted to get these in the hands of our members. When you are learning how to fly fish, you want to eliminate as many failure points as possible. And that includes slippery fingers.

Our Supply Drop caters to new and experienced anglers alike. Any tools that we can leverage to make fishing a more enjoyable experience, we are all for. I personally brought my reels fully equipped with the Reel Grip Fly Large Arbor to Belize last Spring (April 2017) where I fought tarpon after tarpon. Fast forward to Summer 2018, after approaching Reel Grip, we are excited to announce that we are able to offer Reel Grips to all of our fly fishing members in the form of a bonus item in our Supply Drops.

Another product that is new to Reel Grip that I know I’m super excited to put through the wringer is the Rod Wrap. I have already peeled off the worn out grip of my Reddington Vapen Red 10wt. rod and applied the Rod Wrap. I have plans to head back down to Tabasco Mexico this October (2018) And see how well the Rod Wrap holds up to the strain that tarpon put on any rod. Having used Reel Grips for a while now, I couldn’t speak higher of the quality and comfort they provide.


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