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Battery Mat


The problem – A battery can leak/drain power when stored.

The cause of battery drainage is the temperature difference between the top of the battery and the bottom of the battery. Gravity of the electrolyte changes with temperature. When set on a cold concrete floor electrolyte is less at the top of the cell and more at the bottom. Meaning the cell has more of a charge at the top of the cell than the bottom. This causes an internal current drain in the cells inside of the plastic battery case.

The solution – Reel Grip Battery Mat

Reel Grip Battery Mat is a simple rubber mat designed for storing and charging batteries. Battery Mat prolongs the life of your battery by adding a thermal layer between your battery and cold concrete floors which cause the internal drain of your battery (as mentioned above.) Reel Grip Battery Mat also provides an anti slip mat for your battery while trolling along the lake. Get one exclusively at Reel Grip! Order Below

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